STAR 471

As you all know our planned ride/activity for this month is over to Mt. Saint Vincent ( ) to have lunch with some of the kids, play some games and have fun with our bikes.  The club will be providing the pizzas, courtesy of Double D's Pizza who is giving us a discount again this year.
They also have some wants and needs that we try to help them out with.  So on the website above they do have items listed that they can use but our contact there Meaghan, also wrote and said they would love to have the following:
- Kinetic sand - available at Wal Mart, Target, Amazon
- Magna Tiles - I had never heard of these so looked them up.
They can be purchased online (Amazon) or at several specialty toy stores around the Denver Metro.  There is a store locator on the website.
They would like us all to arrive at the same time 11:30 am for a short briefing.
Lunch will be served at noon. (remember they really need to stay on a schedule}
We will park in the back again same as last year (remember if you do not want your bike messed with, either drive or park in front)
Hope many of you can make the ride (we will go in cars if the weather is not good) and help brighten the lives of these kids for a few hours.

Meeting Information

Location: Coyote Motorsports

Time: 10 AM for meeting

Date: February 18th 2017

Where: We are going to be riding to Mount Saint Vincent.