STAR 471

For our April 16th Chapter Ride we will be riding to Colorado Springs, via Hwy 105, to Rudy's BBQ for lunch and then back to Denver, via Deckers.


Below is our track and statistics from the Pre-Ride on 4/10/2016


GPX track map

Elevation (altitude) diagram of the track

Speed diagram of the track

Statistical data extracted from the track file

Track length and Trackpoint information

Information Calculated value Placeholder name
Overall distance 162.9 miles DISTANCE-MI
Number of Trackpoints 2707 TRACKPOINTS
Average Trackpoint distance 317.68 ft TRACKPOINTDISTANCE-FT

Times and durations

Information Calculated value Placeholder name
Start time 04-10-2016 10:16:29 STARTTIME
End time 04-10-2016 15:02:45 ENDTIME
Overall duration 04:46:16 DURATION
Time in motion 03:39:21 DURATIONMOVING
Time paused 01:05:30 DURATIONPAUSED

Speeds (mi/h = miles per hour)

Information Calculated value Placeholder name
Average speed overall 34.1 mi/h AVGSPEED-MPH
Average speed in motion 44.6 mi/h AVGSPEEDMOVING-MPH
Average speed uphill 40.5 mi/h AVGSPEEDUP-MPH
Average speed downhill 29.6 mi/h AVGSPEEDDOWN-MPH
Maximum speed overall 73.6 mi/h MAXSPEED-MPH
Maximum speed uphill 69.9 mi/h MAXSPEEDUP-MPH
Maximum speed downhill 73.6 mi/h MAXSPEEDDOWN-MPH

Elevation / altitude data

Information Calculated value Placeholder name
Altitude range (highest-lowest point) 3425 ft ELE-DELTA-FT
Minimum altitude (lowest point) 5148 ft ELE-MIN-FT
Maximum altitude (highest point) 8573 ft ELE-MAX-FT
Uphill (addition of positive altitude changes) 11253 ft ELE-UP-FT
Downhill (addition of negative altitude changes) 10715 ft ELE-DOWN-FT